Kamis, 28 Agustus 2008

i love elsie*cake

i love her work, art, photography, and the most important thing what i love about her is the way she enjoy her life..her life is like sunshine and rainbow..everytime i visit her flickr page, blog, or her etsy shop..something always remembered me to enjoy my life too, to love people around me..no matter what.. and dont afraid to make and do something you'll love even if you feel it's hopeless..i love her art so much, the way she makes people figure, objects, etc was not perfect but i don't know why i could stare at her art and not feel bored..i adore her..she is soooo inspiring

You can visit her blog

her online shop

her flickr page

2 komentar:

devi natalia mengatakan...

ci vina...sy link ya blog nya..hehehe

ViNa mengatakan...

Thanks banget..gue link balik ya ^^