Kamis, 16 Mei 2013

A Beautiful Person With A Heart Of Go

A Beautiful Person With A Heart Of Go

She sees things of beauty in all that she see
And what's beautiful to her seems ugly to me
What to her is a flower to me is a weed
We do seem so different so different indeed.

The window of her soul is open to light
She always seems happy and bubbly and bright
And her type of person a pleasure to know
For beauty goes with her where-ever she go.

Of those who are different good things she does say
And for to help out others she goes out of her way
She helps out the homeless and those in dire poverty
I do not know of anyone as great as she.

And sad to think her type are becoming more rare
For the poor and downtrodden she genuinely does care
To the most worthy causes her work free time she devote
Yet she is not seen as one worthy of note.

A beautiful person with a heart of gold
And surely her story deserves to be told
Not proud of her beauty and free of conceit
And people like her one does not often meet. 
Francis Duggan

Broken Wings

I have overpowered the silver lining with my bruised wings
I know the luster of the sunshine would heal me
My nest is almost on the verge of collapsing
I know my broken wings wouldn't give up
To gather the twigs again
My slashed wings ache when I fly
Yet I continue

Something beyond the dense haze constantly lures me
I bleed quite often
But I can't settle feeling small for the sake of luxury
I shall soar
For my limits are limitless
I don't mind my stings nor the broken wings!
Copyright © 2009 Bistriti Poddar

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