Sabtu, 25 April 2009

15 Random Facts about Me

1. I heart God
2. Every morning its hard to resist to open my notebook first before read my bible.
3. To me beautiful woman is more interesting than a handsome man.
4. Still searching for her soulmate.
5. Feel happy everday, because i want it to.
6. Elsie Cake is my inspiration. She remind me to always be happy with what you are, what you have.

7. I love salty food
8. I pee very often but i hate dirty public toilet.
9. I love to see cake, cupcakes, candy etc..but i'm not a sweet tooth person.
10. Always trying to be a more better person everday.
11. Love to read, i love blogging and do some blogwalking.
12. My dream is to become famous fashion photographer and have my own exhibitions.

13. Always in love with Princess Disney Classic.
14. I'm a design student but not love design very much
15. Always refreshing my twitter

4 komentar:

Enep mengatakan...

hihi, I enjoyed reading this :--D


muchlove mengatakan...

Hehe iya, Mari-Chan emang bikin tergila2 sama yg namanya balet ;)
That lego camera looks so cool. Where is that from?

Elsie Flannigan mengatakan...

Love Lovess!

genialbutuhsomay mengatakan...

your blog is very inspiring :)

I'll keep my eyes always on you :)
may I have permission to say that?